In our culture, we do so much talking about wigs, from laying them to snatching them. And while it’s fun to talk about wigs, one of the questions we get asked the most is “Why do The Headline’s wigs cost more than the average wigs?”

Honestly, it’s because The Headline wigs aren’t average. We are head and shoulders above the rest not only in competitive pricing but in quality, custom styling and fit, customer service and professionalism. We cater to working women who are dedicated to making smart money decisions and allocating their resources accordingly. This reason is why we respect the questions we receive about our hair pricing, and wanted to take the time to provide a thorough and upfront answer.

When you make the choice to invest with the Headline, you know that your wig is made from quality hair. Your wig will last longer, look better, saves you time, and hold its style. The Headline wigs have all the body, boldness and versatility you could want. And you’ll never have to wonder or worry about if it looks natural. The only possible downside will be finding the time to respond to all the compliments and questions you get about your new look.  Headline wigs are smart buys, for both utility and style purposes. And like any product from any industry, you spend more on what’s worth more.

Buying hair is one of those circumstances where the more expensive option is probably the more responsible one. Your Headline wig lasts longer. Looks better. Saves time. Holds styling. Provides versatility. Receives admiration. You don’t have to worry if it looks natural; that’s a given. Stiffness is never an issue. You don’t need a filter to make it look healthy. So whether you’re avoiding repurchasing costs, saving yourself from falling curls or earning compliments, the quality of the hair always pays for itself.

Through the years, our relationships with our hair has only gotten more and more personal. We think about a wig in terms of how it makes us feel when we look in the mirror and how many selfies we end up taking by the end of the day. They allow us to feel more ourselves, or if we choose to, take on a completely different persona. Wigs are as much about imagination as they are about imagery, and The Headline can help you create the look you desire. We’re not just here to sell you a product. We’re here to welcome you to a lifestyle.

With the industry growing daily, and more and more cheaper and cheaper products hitting the market (Hey, AliExpress!), it can be hard to understand the crazy price range for wigs. The Headline offers its customers peace of mind. Cheap wigs come with cheap-wig-problems: tangling, matting, shedding, frizzing, harsh chemical dyes, etc. They are often difficult to restyle, burnt when heat is applied and lack the natural look and feel of a quality wigs.

“These options have several different donors in one bundle. The hair might not be in its natural alignment once wefted (root to tip), the hair is dyed to get one uniform color and chemicals are used to mask bad quality and give it a uniform look and texture, that’s why there’s an unpleasant (cornchip) smell,” said The Headline founder, Amara Onwukaeme.

Many vendors sell the hair for whatever they think you can be convinced to pay for it. You can even end up paying more than the hair is actually worth. It’s an art of finesse, with people trying to take advantage of how much our hair means to us.

Add up the frequent replacements, the frustrations, the insecurity and the purchase risk, and you’ll find that “cheap” can come at a very high cost.

At The Headline, we don’t short change you with cheapened items. Price points here aren’t fabricated, they’re calculated. All the numbers add up; all the confidence multiplies. Don’t settle for less. Quality and craftsmanship come with a price. And as much as we all love to save a coin or two, we have to know when a splurge is actually an investment. As with any product from any industry, you spend more on what’s worth more. And thats the REAL tea.