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All she knows is drama. You said you wanted luxury? Well here she is.The "KIMORA" wig unit is one that speaks for herself. Exude all things fancy in this sleek straight unit of Brazilian bliss. She is factory made and in comes in lengths 12-26. She is made with a 5x5 closure, with an elastic band attached. She is built to last up to two years. 

150 density mimics 3 bundles

180 density mimics 4 bundles



Kimora is NOT made with our bundles, she is sourced from a high quality vendor that manufactures our wigs. If you would like a wig made from our specific bundles, custom lengths, or handcrafted, please create your own custom wig.


Make a custom wig by:

1. Adding the bundles and closure or frontal of your choice to your cart.

(example: add 20, 22, 24 + 18" closure to cart)

2. Go to the "Wigs" tab and click "wig customization services" 

3. Choose the service according to your product--(frontal, closure) and add wig customization separately to your cart.

4. We will make your beautiful wig with the bundles you bought!

Your cart should have: Bundles, closure OR frontal, and the wig service desired.

Your cart should look like this:

Made with 22 20 18 and 18" closure of GREAT LENGTHS.



Each bundle originates from one young and healthy donor, ensuring cuticle alignment and pristine quality. Our hair is famously thick from root to tip. Just ask any Headliner.

Long Lasting

Our wigs last up to two years with proper care and maintenance. Unmatched shine, thickness, and movement. You can reuse and recycle your old Headline hair for future installs.


Headliners are busy, so we understand you want hair that cuts your stress in half. When you invest in our hair, you invest in hair that can be styled, bleached, colored, and manipulated to your desires.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Everything I Hoped and More

I had done research on this company for a long time before finally making my purchase. And I can not tell you how impressed I am with the quality of this hair alone, let alone the "Kimora" unit. It literally does not shed. It holds a curl like it was born to do so. I run 5 times a week and LOVE to sweat. This hair doesn't hold buildup of sweat or hairspray like other hair does. I consulted with the owner on how often I should wash the hair, and I am still in shock that she said once a month. But it is proving true! Absolutely in love!

Erica Esosa

Initially I was very skeptical about making such an investment on, hair! Honestly, I don't regret it whatsoever!
I have been wearing this wig since July and it still looks and FEELS brand new! It can hold a curl for weeks, on everything !
I had to say Goodbye to Aliexpress Hair FOREVER!! Looking forward to adding more wigs to my collection (:

I’ve Never Felt More Sexy

I don’t usually wear wigs at ALL. I was very hesitant and worried about how the lace closure would look on me. Because I don’t wear wigs I was scared that I wouldn’t know how to adjust and properly maneuver it. I’ve heard so many great things about Headline so my first experience was just trying it out. When I tell you I’ve never turned back. After I tried on a Headline wig I purchased it then and there! I wear my wig almost every day and it maintains the silky ness. I wash it once a week and it bounces right Back. I’ve gotten soooo many compliments on my hair. It literally looks like it’s growing from my scalp. It was worth EVERY PENNY. I love it some much I’m going to purchase the curly wig. I would definitely recommend Headline to any women who wants to find her inner sexy.

Brought in the New Year RIGHT

I didn’t even know we could write reviews but now I’m here so HEAR YE HEAR YE: Don’t play yourself looking for any other brand. I purchased this wig during a holiday sale December 2018 cause my pockets still growing. I am currently still able to wear this wig and it’s December 2019. It is STILL thick to the ends, smooth, never a lot of fly always or short pieces and moves in the wind like Pocahontas. I legit have no complaints. I would advise anyone to be careful about how rough they are on the closure though. I think I over plucked my part and when I started to style it, of course it began balding over the months. I’m sure there are ways to seal the knots on the closure or extend its life but i’m rough and oft reckless. You can also replace the closure too but I cut mine into bangs and POOF bald spot gone.

I have bleached and dyed other bundles and they take verrrry well and still last with proper care. In fact, Amara made me a wig out of 3 bundles and a closure I purchased and I bleached that hair, dyed it black and put a rinse on it and I still have that wig.

Anywho, this is about Kimora. Legit, it’s unsettling that I even have to say this as if she needs to prove something but it’s worth your interest and investment. Period.

I haven’t ever put curls in it but if you’re interested in seeing me attempt wand curls, DM me on the gram @jovencitabonita

Headliners do things different boo.... I feel like every woman deserves at least one good reliable wig and if you can put this on your Christmas, Bday, Valentine’s, Anniversary, Graduation - whatever list, you will be elevating your life and that’s that on all of that!

Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk😘


This is honestly the best hair I ever tried. I was really hesitant about trying a new company because I’ve bought expensive hair before and was really disappointed but I’m glad I trusted Headline because this hair is honestly everything. The luster is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and the hair is super thick..and it runs long so you can even get away with ordering down. This is the only hair I will EVER buy. Customer for life!