What is virgin remy hair?

Virgin remy hair refers to hair extensions that have not been manipulated in any way by dyes, chemicals, relaxers or artificial additives. Virgin Remy hair is of of the utmost quality, meaning that each bundle has come from one donor’s head, and maintains the natural color and texture of the donor. The cuticle is aligned from the cuticle to the hair tip. We have even gone the extra step to even analyze your hair donors age and health, which ensures that your hair is prisitine and supple condition. This minimizes shedding and tangles, and maximizes your ability to style and color your hair at your leisure.

Help! My curly/wavy hair seems shorter than the length I ordered.

We assure that all of our hair is closely examined in terms of length before it reaches you. All of our extensions are true to length, and the curly and wavy textures are true to length once stretched straight.

 What can I do to my hair extensions?

The real question is what cant you do? You can do everything to our hair. Our hair is of premium quality, allowing you to achieve any hairstyle that you would like. It can be straightened, curled, and blow dryed, withstanding all heat tools. However, we recommend using a daily heat protectant and limiting heat use on our curly and wavy textures.  We recommend that professionals perform any chemical service to your hair to minimize any potential damage to your strandz. Your hair is investment, and chemical damage is irreversible. Consult a stylist or a professional before manipulating your hair chemically.

 Does the hair shed?

Extensions just as our own natural hair will be subject to shedding, but the shedding on our hair extensions will be very minimal. Curly hair textures are prone to more shedding. To minimize shedding even further, we suggest for you to seal your wefts, and DO NOT cut your tracks during installation.

How long can I expect to wear my extensions?

With proper hair care techniques and maintenance, expect our hair to last up to a year and beyond. You will be able to achieve multiple installations using our renowned hair.


Why do I have to use more bundles with longer lengths?

Our bundles are measured in ounces, and each bundle will come with the same ounce weight of hair. With longer hair, the wefts are shorter because the weight is primarily within the length.


You will receive your order within 2-15 business days, excluding holidays.

We will email your tracking number once your hair has been shipped. We do not ship on weekends.



We do not anticipate any problems or issues with our hair, so there are absolutely no returns or refunds with purchasing our hair. However, please send us an email regarding any questions regarding your extensions.